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Preparing to Find the Right Singapore Condo Rental

Before you start looking for a Singapore condo rental, you will need to start preparing yourself. It takes some time to gather all paperwork and find the right salesperson for you.  is an excellent real estate agent and will help navigate you with everything you will need.

Finding the right Singapore condo rental can feel overwhelming and cumbersome, but if you prepare, you will be able to go through it quickly.  If you can follow this guide and make a checklist of everything you need, you will be ready to move into your new Singapore condo rental in no time.

Engage a Property Salesperson

You will have to hire a professional real estate salesperson, such as Dylan.  He will assist you in the process to make sure you find the right condo rental for you.  Singapore is a big city with many different areas, and Dylan can inform you of where to look.

You do not want to get another salesperson at the same time because you will waste too much energy looking at similar properties.  Dylan is a professional real estate salesperson that will give you the honest answers about what the Singapore rental condo are and their prices.

Find the Ideal Area

Since Singapore divides into many different zones and areas, you can ask Dylan or do your research.  Districts, 9, 10, 15, and 16 have many opportunities to rent a condo and are in prime locations for everyone.  Your office location, where would you plan to send your kids to school (if you have kids), and what businesses are in your area.

Commuting may take a while, especially if you are travelling to another island such as Jurong Island.  You can do some research on the areas to find the right place to know what local businesses are around.  It will prepare you to look for the best condo rental and narrow your focus on the best area for you.

Getting the Best Price

You will need to consider the prices of the condos for sales available and ensure they will fit into your budget.  The rental market has seen prices lower in recent years, due to the cooling measures made by the government.  You can find a condo for an excellent rental price by working with Dylan.

You will need to make sure the condo is not too expensive based on your income.  You can use an income calculator to determine what you can afford.  Taking the time to focus on your income will prevent you from renting a condo that’s too expensive and will put you further into debt.

Documents You Will Need

Providing the proper paperwork will make finding a condo rental much easier.  You need to submit photocopies of your NRIC, passport or employment pass.  It ensures you are whom you say you are and granted to work.

One month’s rent require as a deposit, which is refundable, as long as the condo is in the similar condition minus wear and tear at the end of the agreement.  Having all this beforehand will help you and your property agent makes the transaction smooth and easy.

One other important document you will need is a Letter of Intent or LOI.  It outlines the intention of renting the condo through a lease, and it will have the requirements from the landlord.  The document is a record you and Dylan can put together, and you will need to sign before you can move into the condo.

It may include clauses outlining a diplomatic or repatriate clause, the deposit(s), terms of the lease, and the requirements of the tenant.  The LOI is an important document that is legally required to rent a condo in Singapore.  Most tenancy agreements run at least one year, so you will need to ensure you will be able to remain at the rented condo for a year.

A lease agreement is produced by the landlord after the LOI is signed.  It includes a Diplomatic (Escape Clause) or Reimbursement Clause.  The clause applies strictly to leases that are two years or longer, and to submit a written request by the company if the landlord agrees to the term.

The tenancy agreement also outlines that utilities, the internet and phone services are your sole responsibility.  If you need maintenance to your apartment, you will only be responsible for damages in the $100-150 range, unless found to be your negligence.

You want to make sure the rental amount agreed upon, and then you will need to get stamp duties stamped to finalise the contract.  You will need to provide the stamp duties certificates as well and ensure that both parties understand the terms.

After you have completed all of this, you can then move into your new condo rental unit.  It is a process that will take time, but having Dylan work with you will make it easier.  He knows all the paperwork that’s required and will tell you what you need.  You will not have to go alone towards finding your perfect condo rental in Singapore.

There are process and procedures that you need to know, and some are changing. Hire a salesperson like Dylan to help you with all the paperwork and search for your ideal condo rental unit.
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