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Dylan Tan

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A property agent in Singapore forms a vital link between a developer and buyer. Several combined forces drive the real estate market, and a knowledgeable property agent in Singapore, such as Dylan Tan, is a professional who can help you wade through everything you need to know.

When you think it is the time is right to buy a private property, whether you want to invest in a condo or private homes for sale in Singapore, an estate agent knows what to do. Here’s how Dylan helps you with the determining which property fits your portfolio to make money work several time harder for you.


Government Laws

The government instituted several cooling measures regarding property purchases following the economic collapse in the United States that occurred in 2008. Cooling measures halted the massive growth of properties throughout Singapore to try to prevent a similar property bubble. Dylan can explain how cooling measures affect the buying and selling of property tailored to your portfolio. These regulations can be complicated and ever changing, but Dylan’s expertise puts you at ease with buying a private property in Singapore.

The government created TDSR or Total Debt Servicing Ratio; that stipulates a buyer cannot take on more than 60 percent of debt as it relates to income. TDSR helps banks by protecting their investments. It also prevents buyers from ruining their finances by taking on more debt than they can handle. Dylan can look at your finances and suggest what properties are right for you.

Another key aspect of cooling measures is the ABSD or the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty. This extra fee makes it more attractive for Singaporeans to buy a residence as opposed to an investor looking to rent. The buyer can convert to a rental property after a certain number of years, or the person or company can pay a higher stamp duty. Do you want to invest in a property as someone who caters to renters? Ask Dylan for tips on how to turn your private property into a way to earn extra income.

These laws and regulations may be unfamiliar to people who have not paid attention to the real estate market in Singapore for the past six to seven years. Dylan is familiar with the government policy, and he is the right professional and a valuable asset to you as a private property buyer.


Buyer’s Market

Singapore is in a buyer’s market right now because of the weaker demand due to cooling measures. Even though cooling measures may make it more difficult for some people to buy property, lower prices should encourage more buyers to invest now if they have the appropriate financing. Dylan shows you what kind of financial standing you need to buy a property before you make a formal proposal to a bank. He prepares you for every step of your property buying journey.

Dylan also works with the buyer to negotiate an appropriate selling price. Developers and owners do not make money when a private property sits vacant. Dylan serves as a liaison between the buyer and seller to get the price right for both parties. Property professionals know the mood of developers if there are any discounts and incentives for buyers, and when sellers should raise or lower prices. Dylan knows the market ins and outs, and he works hard for his customers to get the best possible situation.

Dylan understands current trends in property prices in various districts throughout Singapore. Amenities, newer properties, empty condos and the amount of land on the property all affect the price of property. He also recognises how all of these elements come together to create the best possible price for a buyer.


Working for Owners

You can look at all of the data regarding property sales you want. Dylan puts a human touch on the process that raw computer data cannot. Dylan has experience, knowledge and a competitive edge when it comes to negotiating market prices for property.

Dylan taps into his vast network of 2,600 real estate professionals, and he works smarter while putting in his utmost effort to sell condos and other private property. In the case of his network, condos often sell in a shorter time compared to a buyer going alone.

Instead of hiring many agents to market several properties at once, a seller can hire Dylan to create a more personalised perspective for a seller’s entire portfolio. Dylan creates a competitive advantage when he gets to know your whole cadre of condos. He can set the right price in your market niche. As Dylan brings in potential buyers, he can match the right buyers with the right condos in your set to create the best potential for a sale. Dylan’s sales experience can provide a personal touch that a computer cannot.


A Property Agent for You

Dylan is a property agent in Singapore who works for you, whether you are a buyer or a seller. He advises you on market trends, financial planning and the latest government policies regarding private property. Dylan also puts his vast network to work for you in your quest to buy or sell your condo at the right price.

Contact Dylan now by email or by calling 9456-7022 on how can you multiple your wealth.

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