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What to Expect at Belgravia Villas Singapore

Belgravia Villas Singapore is a large strata cluster housing development along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 that had its first phase built in 2013. Despite its proximity to a busy section in District 28, Belgravia Villas Singapore has a lot of green space that creates barriers to the vehicle traffic and highways near the development.

Take a look at what Belgravia Villas Singapore has to offer.

Newer Cluster Housing in Singapore

Although condos are very popular right now, Belgravia Villas is a development of freehold cluster housing in Singapore. Cluster housing spreads out horizontally over landed property in Singapore versus that of vertical condos. You still own a piece of the overall development while taking advantage of the same amenities of a condo.



Belgravia Villas contains 118 total units, of which there are 18 semi-detached units and 100 terrace units. The terrace units range from 3,520 to 3,767 square feet. The semi-detached units are on the ends of the buildings, which means you share a wall with only one neighbour. Semi-detached units start at 3,929 square feet and top out at 4,026 square feet. The entire development encompasses 400,000 square feet of landed space and should TOP by the end of June 2018. All units are north-south orientation.



Expect to pay between around $800 per square foot of space for a landed property in this newer development. Smaller units might be cheaper, and prices may reach higher since this is a relatively new development. If you’re interested in the smallest unit at 3,520 square feet, you might pay as little as $2.464 million. On the higher end of a semi-detached unit, consider a price of around $3.23 million. Don’t forget to add your stamp duties to the final price.



Discover several amenities at Belgravia Villas Singapore. Every unit has premium kitchen appliances and a private lift going from the basement to the third floor. Each unit has two parking spaces at the basement level. The guard house provides security at the entrance. Get a workout at the indoor gymnasium near the entrance.

Three outdoor areas run the lengths in between the buildings. Enjoy two outdoor pools, both of which have decks to enjoy the warm weather. The third area has a wellness and relaxation water cover. A children’s playground sits next to a children’s wading pool and barbeque area in the centre strip of cluster housing. At the end of each pool, there is a garden with a walking path followed by a lounge. Each of these areas entirely enclosed within the development, and they give you a way to relax after a hectic day.



Belgravia Villas sit just east of CTE, a major thoroughfare that takes you to the Central Business District in just 20 minutes under normal traffic. The nearest MRT station is 3 kilometres to the south-west near the Ang Mo Kio Garden Center East. Near the MRT station, enjoy plenty of restaurants and outdoor landscapes.



Your kids may attend one of five nearby primary schools, including Da Qiao, Hougang, Fernvale, Jing Shan or Sengkang Green Primary Schools. There are five secondary schools in the surrounding area. ITE College Central is across the CTE from Belgravia Villas Singapore, while Nanyang Polytechnic is a great place to learn engineering skills.



You’ll be thrilled to know that Belgravia Villas Singapore is very close, just 4 kilometres, to the Seletar Mall. Thanks to the government’s decentralisation of CBD economic activities, more retail opportunities spread out over Singapore, including the land near Belgravia Villas, as future development sites. These developments may increase your property values over time as part of the area’s master plan.

Shopping doesn’t get any better than that. If you don’t want to go to Seletar, the AMK Hub sits near the gardens and the MRT station just 3 kilometres to the south-west. Either way, everything you need is within a short reach of Belgravia Villas Singapore. Welcome to the good life.


Your Professional Real Estate Salesperson

Does this type of lifestyle interest you? If you answered “Yes,” then you need someone on your side to help make your dream of property ownership a reality. Dylan Tan can go over your financials to make sure they are in order. Dylan can suggest which units in Belgravia Villas Singapore are the most wanted. He can put you in touch with management on a tour of the facility ahead of signing the binding contracts to start your journey to property ownership in this world-class cluster bungalow development.

If Belgravia Villas Singapore isn’t your idea of property ownership, Dylan can tap into his 2,600-strong network of real estate professionals who can help you get into a property that’s right for your family and your finances. Whether you want to live in your residence or invest in a rental property, Dylan has you covered thanks to his knowledge of plenty of properties all over Singapore. The Belgravia Villas Singapore property development is only open to Singaporean citizens. However, Dylan can introduce to similar properties in other locations that have LDU approval for non-citizen ownership.

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