In Singapore, based on the property market trend HDB and private property prices are inter-related. One will impact the other in either the bull or the bears market. The figures are showing that the cooling measures are taking effect and prices are softening but still resilient. Some property buyers are taking advantage of the weak sentiment to enter the market while some stand by the side to observe. Which group do you belong?

Cooling Measures, Regulation, and a Tale of Two Singapore Property Markets

According to SRX Property, prices in the HDB market are down 8.6% since their peak in April 2013. Meanwhile, the private resale market has dropped 5.3% since its monthly peak in January 2014.

However, in terms of sales activity, SRX Property reported earlier this month that the HDB market is down about 64% since its peak in May 2010; whereas, sales in the private, non-landed market are down about 80% since the peak of April 2010. Read more…