HDB prices are going through adjustment and mostly moving side ways now. How long will this last depends on several factors such as the cooling measures in place and new demands (New Citizen or PR).

As more BTO, EC & condos units TOP, more units are expected to be in the market. However, the number of new immigrant isn’t increasing as fast to fill up all this units. This is a good news to buyers who can still continue to have wide range of choice and buy at much affordable prices.

Sellers who wants to sell their flat when take over keys to new flats shall seriously price their unit at a competitive price than to still asking way above market prices that isn’t realistic. The longer you hold you unit, the likelihood that prices gets lower is much higher.

Dip in HDB Resale Flat Prices Last Month

http://www.srx.com.sg/singapore-property-news/11482/dip-in-hdb-resale-flat-prices-last-monthOverall prices dipped by 0.4 per cent last month, according to latest data from SRX Property. This was led by the prices of three-, four- and five-room flats, which dropped 0.1 per cent, 0.6 per cent and 1.1 per cent respectively. Executive flat prices inched up by 1 per cent. Read more…

Image from srx.com.sg