In the recent statistic by SRX, HDB resale prices inched up by 0.1% but year on year it actually sees more decline than increases.

Why is this so?
One of the reason is the increasing numbers of TOP units whether EC or BTO.
This had lead to more resale unit left unsold or takes longer to be sold.

It would have to wait for another year or so to see PR who had met their 3 years requirements to re-enter the market.
By then all the possible buyers would be out to grab units out there if the price are right (It is still buyer’s market).

If the mortgage servicing ratio (MSR) can be adjusted and be a bit more relax, it would surely help to move the HDB market. With the credit card and car loan to be factor into the MSR, it does make many unable to afford bigger units. This is especially so for the singles who has only one sources of income.

HDB Resale Prices Up 0.1% in June on Highest Resale Volume in Two Years, resale volume increased by 30.0% compared with 1,315 units resold in June 2014; The resale volume in June 2015 was the highest since May 2013; Resale volume is down 53.2% compared to its peak of 3,649 units in May 2010. 5.Among relatively active towns, Bukit Panjang posted the most Negative median T-O-X. Read more…