It had been quite a while since new neighborhood centers are being build to gives more convenience to the residents staying in that area.  This will also meant that there will more more retail spaces and opportunity for SME.

The setback is that small neighborhood centers aren’t getting enough marketing to pull in crowd and will in turn impact the SME business there. If business can’t sustain will result in empty shop spaces.

It would be even better if these neighborhood centers are managed by social responsibility organization, charging affordable rental and passing on the saving back to the residents staying around it which kick starts in certain areas.

Overall this is a good move to inject more life into the neighborhood.

HDB to build 4 new neighbourhood centres four new neighbourhood centres are the first to be built by HDB in over a decade. The last ones were Punggol Plaza and Pioneer Mall, which were completed in 2004. The agency explained that it had stopped doing so in order to “increase private sector participation in the provision of commercial facilities in HDB Towns”. Read more…

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