With the big action in the stock market in the US few weeks back had caused a wide spread of concerns that the crisis will hit the world again. Billions of dollars are being eroded overnight and many companies or individual suffered.

This could have been one of the cause that Q3 had done badly as compared to previous years. Will be even worse? In about 3-6 months we are able to tell if it has any major impact in Singapore.

Given the current situation that our property market is already slow, I doubt there will be any more serious market crash even there’s another global crisis were to surface. Don’t forget that Federal Reserve in the US had maintain its low interest rate despite much talk about rising interest rate, that could hold for quite a while.

Lots of fear and push factors are in the market, but is this a time to buy or sitting on the fence?

I would think that this is the time to sell off your current property and switch to another property that yield a better return. Why? When fear fills the market, you are going to expect bargains coming up that you have been waiting for during the bull market.

The question now is whether as the investor, do you have the courage to enter the market during turbulent times.

What’s your take on this?


Q3 Property Investment Sales Dive to Lowest Level Since Global Crisis

http://www.srx.com.sg/singapore-property-news/11312/q3-property-investment-sales-dive-to-lowest-level-since-global-crisisThe latest number – compiled by Savills Singapore using Oct 1 as the cut-off date – also reflects a big year-on-year drop from the S$5.58 billion in Q3 2014. Investment sales of real estate are often seen as a gauge of developers’ and property investors’ confidence in the medium to long-term prospects of the property market. Savills blamed the quiet market in Q3 this year on weak global economic conditions and unexpected negative developments pertaining to the Chinese currency which then translated to increased volatility in the global financial markets. Read more…

Image from srx.com.sg