Interest in landed properties are starting to build up again, but mainly due to the prices that owner are willing to sell.

In buyers market like now, most buyers just wants to see if the prices gets cheaper before starting to step into the market again.

This case study already brings about a lesson is that if you willing to offer, the owner is willing to consider even it’s below market value. Don’t miss out the action else you might have to wait for another property cycle.


Windsor Park GCB sold for $21.8m$21.8m?utm_source=pgsg-newsalert&utm_medium=edm&utm_campaign=dailynews-08Oct2015&utm_content=links“There is interest in GCBs as potential buyers feel there has been some price decline. They are waiting on the sidelines and, if the sellers were to be a bit more flexible or reasonable in their pricing, a few more GCBs may be transacted in the next quarter,” said Michael Lam, director of the GCB division at Global Estate Management, who brokered the deal. Read more…